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Projects realized everywhere, in the World

Nowaday, EDILSIDER Group is Leader in the field of Modular Housing.
The last years projected, produced and installed several “Turnkey Worksite Camps” and in particular:


"EXPO 2015"

Supply prefabricated buildings for a 600-man camp including: 141.500 sqft of accomodations, 32.200 sqft of offices, 19.300 sqft of kitchen and 5.400 sqft of ricreation, ablutions, infirmary and guard …

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Oil & Gas


Each temporary mobile camps includes all required personnel health and welfare arrangements, project offices, living accommodation, training rooms, construction and material storage facilities, vehicl…

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Turnkey Camp complete with dormitories, recreational facilities, kitchen and dining facility, gym. All the buildings and facilities are connected by a modular arctic corridor.

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GDI: Construction Camp Project

EDILSIDER built a big camp for "Grupo Desarrollo Infraestructura", in Mexico. Supply of 501, 1001, 2001, SIDERHALL and SHELTER prefabricated buildings to accommodate 750 people.

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The "CAMPUS POINT" was born from the initiative of a public commission, the University and the collaboration with the engineer Arturo Montanelli, university advisor.

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CAPSULE demonstrates Edilsider's ability to combine over 50 years of experience in the prefabrication sector with the innovative strength of the new generation of designers.

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Realization of single storey building portion set in an existing building used for real estate showroom.

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Supply of one module in aluminum alloy specially studied for rapid, complete and autonomous response to all the needs and necessities linked to rapid sanitary interventions, both preventive and emerge…

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"OFF LEASH" Projects

The idea an itinerant museum project emerged from the affinity that united the creative paths and research of Arturo Montanelli and Velasco Vitali.

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