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The EDILSIDER Group founded in Calolziocorte in Italy in 1963, boasts fifty years experience in the prefabricated metal modular construction industry and today occupies an important position at an int…

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The shelters series “501” are ideally suited for construction sites, construction camps and drilling camps, where they will be advantageously turned into offices, living accommodations, changing r…

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SHELTER "1001"

The "1001" series has been designed to take up as little space as possible during shipping: it can be packed in modules 650 mm (maximum) high so that four units can occupy the space usually occupied b…

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SHELTER "2001"

The shelter series “2001” was the very first to roll off the EDILSIDER manufacturing line and it is the result of more than 50 years of experience.

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The SIDERMAJOR and SIDERHALL insulated prefabricated modular buildings have been designed and tested by EDILSIDER over 50 years of experience around the world, from the hot climate of the Arab Emirate…

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The shelter series “GRAND DESERT” has been designed and manufactured to be used under harsh field conditions, which require reliability, sturdiness and resistance, such as in oil drilling camps, w…

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Sinistra Destra


Compass House 2013

For the creation of this project we started from the concept of Modular Housing, expanding the field of study and research, creating a concept applicable to both temporary residence and social housing…

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EXPO 2015


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